A Day With Dr. Guy Barwell at The Implant Centre in Sussex

This article first appeared in full in Discover Magazine

We talk to Dr Guy Barwell, co-founder of The Implant Centre, as he discusses why honing-in on a specialist area of dentistry allowed him to deliver exceptional patient experience and improve his career satisfaction. 

The team at The Implant Centre, which has practices in Hove and Haywards Heath, claim they are some of the most experienced and talented groups of dental professionals in their field. And their huge haul of industry awards, including being awarded the title of Best Implant Practice, on 3 occasions, by the Private Dentistry Awards certainly proves it.

Their reputation in the industry really does precede them. Over one 12-month period more than three hundred dentists in the South East referred their patients to The Implant Centre resulting in 2,050 implants and more than nine hundred patients receiving expert care – all of them happy with their treatment.

As we focus on great patient experience in this issue of Discover The Implant Centre’s record is enviable.

Independent patient feedback site Feefo rates the team at an almost perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars (and 5/5 for ‘Customer Experience’), the practice’s website hosts a collection of patient stories championing the treatment, staff and experience. 

The feedback is even more impressive when you consider The Implant Centre takes on some of the more challenging cases, including supporting patients who have acute dental anxiety through to Guy’s special interest of correcting failure issues and building patient confidence in their bite and smile. 

“Some of the most challenging cases we see are patients who come to us having already had implant treatment elsewhere, either here in the UK or abroad, and unfortunately the work they’ve had hasn’t gone to plan, says Guy. 

“Bad surgery, poor aftercare or a lack of patient knowledge on how to maintain their implants can cause some seriously nasty issues that not only result in the patient lacking confidence in their teeth and their smile, but also damages the patient’s perception of dentists too. 

“Often when a patient comes to us with issues from previous implant work they’re desperate to have the problem fixed but also, understandably, pretty cautious about having more dental work. It’s our job to build trust with patients and give them their confidence back. 

“I’ve been working in implant dentistry for 18 years. I’ve seen some amazing cases, but for me the most challenging are often the most rewarding to turn around. 

“I like variety in my career, luckily in implant dentistry variety is the norm.”  

Guy’s approach to building trust with his patients isn’t just about delivering clinical excellence it’s also about the time he takes building a rapport that inspires confidence. 

“My approach is to simplify each treatment plan, so patients experience less pain and faster healing. It works for me, so many of my patients leave saying that having a filling or a tooth extraction was more painful or traumatic than the implants I’ve placed – which is praise indeed. 

“Particularly for patients who are anxious, scared or tense it’s important to take any chance you can to allay any stress you can. I constantly talk to patients when they’re in my chair, telling them what I’m doing and how it’s likely to feel. I never share any graphic details but for most patients, being involved in the treatment helps them relax and they don’t have to fear every move I make. 

“What’s good for patients is also good for me. I could never complete a whole treatment in silence!”

The Implant Centre embraced the latest forms of Digital Implant Dentistry from day one.   “We have led the field with starting with CBCT as soon as we opened, through the early days of CT Guided Surgery.   The Digital age has now caught up with developing Intraoral Digital Imaging, that can be merged with CBCT – finally this allows the accuracy we demand for our patients.”

The whole experience for patients is smooth and seamless thanks to The Implant Centre’s on-site state-of-the-art laboratory packed with all the latest digital technology manned by some of the best in the business.   “Being able to digitally design, mill and even 3D print everything on-site allows for the advance of techniques we could only dream of a few years ago.”

“Our laboratory has an open-door policy for dentists from across the South East, London and beyond to come and explore. We regularly host open days so they can come in and see what the team can achieve and the technology we have in action.

“The laboratory, called Ceramic Designs, was established in 2013 and has underpinned the quality of patient outcome – we really could not do this without the attention to detail the lab produces.”

 “I’ve been practising implant dentistry for a long time and achieve a success rate of 99 per cent, it’s our area of expertise and where my passion is. 

We’ve built The Implant Centre to be a place of excellence and that means we’ll continue to invest and improve, whilst striving to give patients and referring dentists the very best.”

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