We employ a variety of dental implant systems.

Many implant dentists are tied to a single implant system. However, we believe that no single system can do everything perfectly.  At The Implant Centre we use a number of different systems because each one has its advantages and there are specific indications for which each one is ideal. This enables us to choose the best one for each individual case.

The four main implant systems that we use are Dentsply, Nobel Biocare, Bicon and Imtec. There are cheaper systems available, but they do not have the research, quality, backup and reliability that we require.  We are also aware of clinics in the UK using copy implants.  Just like any other fake goods, they rarely live up to expectations and we will never risk our patients’ care, security and the longevity of their results with fake implant components.

We use the following implant systems and the best implant for you will be chosen purely on clinical grounds.

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Dentsply logo

A patient-oriented, cost effective and versatile implant system. The structure-oriented ANKYLOS® design concept guarantees for high reliability and a stabilising effect on hard and soft tissue.

Nobel Biocare logo

NobelSpeedy is a highly efficient, slightly tapered dental implant that offers clear benefits of high initial stability, essential for safe and predictable immediate loading protocols.

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Recognised for its elegant design and simplicity the Bicon system is locked with a bacteriological seal, so it does no require tiny screws or multiple components.

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The most effective use of this unique dental product is stabilisation of a lower denture. The narrow diameter of the implants means that it is a minimally-invasive procedure.