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State-of-the-art facilities have been specifically designed and equipped with the most advanced technology available in the UK.

Latest Intraoral 3D Digital Scanning avoids the need to have impressions

We have invested in the Trios Intraoral Scanner – the finest machine on the market today.   This new technology allows some patients to avoid the need to cope with the difficulty of impression taking – reducing gagging and improving comfort.

This allows a digital 3D image to be built up of the patients mouth, allowing incredible manipulation and demonstration.  Very few centres in the UK, or indeed the World are lucky enough to have this technology at hand.

Once the scan is complete, the images are passed to our onsite laboratory, to allow for 3D printing of models, and manufacture of the final teeth.  This is truly the future of dental technology and is available today with us.

Most dentists have not experienced this technology – we recently demonstrated this to a group of referring dentists and they were simply amazed at how advanced The Implant Centre is with the technology on their doorstep.

Advanced 3D CT Imaging and Computer-Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Both of our state-of-the-art facilities are specifically designed and equipped with some of the most advanced 3D digital technology available in the UK, and have been since we opened the first practice in 2008.   Before this we either had to work without CT scanning, or had to refer to hospital based CT scanning units.

3D digital X-Ray imaging is imperative for dental implant treatment to ensure accurate planning and safe surgery.  Some cases will even require 3D printed models of the CT scan and 3D printed surgical guides – something we can produce via our own onsite laboratory.

Implant surgery, as with any medical or dental intervention, requires careful planning to ensure no inadvertent damage is caused. 3D imaging allows us to look at your jawbone from all angles on a computer screen and assess very carefully what surgical options are available to you.

This imaging also allows us to plan and complete your implant surgery with complete precision, ensuring that we can safely avoid any nerves or blood vessels in the region.

We will be delighted to demonstrate this equipment to you and show exactly what advantages this safe, affordable and non-invasive imaging technique has over normal dental x-rays.

Linking 3D CT Imaging and Intraoral Scanning – Futuristic Technology Today

As the final amazing digitisation of the patient, we can now link both the CT images to the intraoral digital images.  This takes a great deal of expertise and is challenging to do so is only needed in more complex cases of course.

The result?   We have a precise understanding of the patients underlying bone structure, and the relationship to the planned position of the new implant teeth.  We can then utilise this information to allow for ideal outcomes, with printed surgical guides and pre-manufactured temporary teeth, made before the surgery has even started! This reduces risks, simplifies the patients experience in the dental chair and truly takes The Implant Centre to the forefront of technology in implant dentistry.  Something that is just not seen in almost all other implant clinics in the UK and overseas.

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