How much do Dental Implants cost ?

Free consultation with one of our specialist implant coordinators
Non Clinical Consultation – with implant coordinator
No charge
Video Consultation – with clinician
No Charge
Clinical Assessment (including all 2D X-rays)
Removal of a Single Tooth
From £180 – £400 (dependant on complexity)
Replacement of a Single Tooth (implant + crown)
Replacement of Multiple Teeth:

– 2 Teeth on 1 Implant
– 3 Teeth on 2 Implants
– 5 Teeth on 3 Implants
– All upper or lower teeth with fixed bridge
– All upper and lower teeth with fixed bridge
(Full arch fixed bridges includes all work-up and monitoring appointments, surgical appointment with sedation, temporary and permanent bridges)



Stabilisation of loose lower dentures with implants:

– Using existing denture
– Requiring a new lower denture
– New upper denture

From £4,000
From £5,500

Bone Regeneration
From £400
High Definition 3D CT Scan
In-House Sedation by an anaesthetist
£350 per hour

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Financial Conduct Authority

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A single completed implant includes all of the surgery, materials, time, x-rays and an initial follow-up appointment. This cost does not include the removal of any teeth required for your treatment, any bone augmentation which is sometimes necessary, or a temporary tooth to fill a gap (not required for a tooth at the back of the mouth). We will of course inform you at your assessment of all the costs associated with your proposed treatment and this will also be detailed in your treatment plan.

When calculating the price for more complex cases with several implants, we do not simply multiply the number of implants by £2,500 as there may be a cost saving for you. Where you have multiple adjacent missing teeth present, they can often be replaced with fewer implants and a fixed bridge. Because you do not have to have one implant per tooth, the cost of your treatment can be reduced. However, more complex cases often require very detailed planning with special models, stents, guides and computer-guided surgery. This can result in some additional costs necessary to plan the initial surgical phases. Every patient is provided with a comprehensive written treatment plan with the costs of all of your implant treatment clearly laid out.

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