Do you realise the impact that avoiding dental appointments can have on your smile?

Avoiding dental appointments is a common occurrence amongst nervous and anxious patients, but also amongst those who feel that their teeth are fine so a check-up is unnecessary. Here at The Implant Centre we see some of the worst cases, and many of which are from those who had not seen their dentist for years, sometimes decades.

The longer people put off visiting their dentist, the more likely they are to hesitate in making an appointment, as they feel their chances of having issues has increased, which develops a phobia. Most dental issues caught in their infancy are easily dealt with. However, once plaque, tooth decay and gum disease have taken hold, it then becomes a huge mission to deal with and bring the patient’s oral health back to an acceptable standard.

Dr Bill Schaeffer spoke to the Daily Mail to discuss some of the more dramatic cases that we’ve dealt with, and how we helped these patients regain their smile and confidence.

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Bill Schaeffer

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