Dental implants are simple, secure and permanent solutions to the problem of missing teeth.  They substitute for the lost teeth by replacing the natural roots. Indistinguishable from natural teeth, they provide reliable alternatives to uncomfortable dentures or bridgework, or a single implant can simply replace a single missing tooth.

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If you would like advice on what implants are and whether you can benefit from implants but are not ready to go ahead with a comprehensive consultation then a free consultation will be a good place to start.

You will:

  • Meet with one of our highly experienced implant coordinators
  • They will listen to your story and can give you a general idea of what we would do for a patient in your situation
  • You will be shown models and examples of the treatment we do here and provide you with information on cost
  • They can discuss with you our finance options to help break down the cost of treatment

This video takes you on a typical patient journey…


If you would like a personalised treatment plan and to find out exactly what we can do for you then a comprehensive consultation with one of our dentists will be of benefit to you.

You will:

  • Meet with one of our dentists who specialise in implant treatment
  • They will give you a full clinical examination
  • They will listen to your story and can find out what your need for treatment is
  • They will take necessary radiographs and photos to aid them with their treatment planning
  • Our highly experienced implant nurse will go through models and what is involved in treatment
  • You will be given the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have
  • You will be spoken through what your options are and what the costs will be specific to your case
  • You will receive a full report with a summary of timings and costs and detail of our finance plan
  • We will fully inform your dentist so no need to worry about relaying information back to them.